Who are we?

We are a female startup with a purpose, we want to create quality and not quantity, and we aim to do so as an art form and personal expression.

We want people of all kinds to feel free to express themselves through what we believe is the best way to communicate a strong and important message.

IS IN CONCEPT is what happens when fashion meets art, culture, sustainability, and inclusivity.

Our mission & vision

IS IN CONCEPT is not just a clothing brand, it’s an artistic experience, a mindset and a socio- cultural statement.

We want to create fashion that is visually pleasing, sustainable and, overall, inclusive.

We are above all an ambitious generational and social experiment - we aim to bring people from different background and upbringing together through fashion, gorgeous fabrics and unique designs.


Hard times beget strong superheroes, strong superheroes beget happy times. Happy times beget weak superheroes, weak superheroes create hard times. In uncertain times, don’t we need heroes?

IS IN CONCEPT collaborates with Italian artist and illustrator Daniela Pareschi to bring you unique and original t-shirts based on your favorite superheroes.