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Parka - Pompei -UNISEX

Parka - Pompei -UNISEX

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Blue and Golden flower print jacquard parka with yellow bonded lining.

Noseason, unisex parka from our 2023 collection.

Its bonded lining technique allows you to see the fine details of the parka through the yellow fabric of the  lining. Unisex due to its volume, a garment that does not follow fashion trends but surely follows the line of quality fabrics and uniqueness.

Because we are not all the same, but we are all equally unique. 


Jacquard fabric

81% Cellulose Acetate

19% Polyester

lining 100% Polyester.

Care instructions

Dry clean only (remove dry wash)
No ironing
No water wash
No bleach
No tumble-dry

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Fashion that speaks louder

At IS IN CONCEPT, it's all about producing less, producing quality and be an ode to uniqueness. Who says being eco-friendly isn't stylish? Our fashion philosophy flips that notion on its head. We're all about respecting the planet while rocking killer threads.

Unleash your unique

Clothing isn't just an outfit but an extension of you. We're waving goodbye to generic and welcoming fashion that's as distinctive as your fingerprint. Each of our collection is numbered and has a limited quantity to prevent waste, while maintaining a standard for excellence. With IS IN CONCEPT, fashion isn't fleeting; it's forever.

IS IN CONCEPT is all about making a statement that's uniquely you. Join the fashion revolution where being yourself is not just embraced – it's celebrated. Let's show the world that style is all about being different in the best way.

Outfits that define you

Ready to dive into the world of apparel that doesn't just keep you cozy, but make a bold statement? Meet our one-of-a-kind unisex collections at IS IN CONCEPT. These beautiful art statements aren't just about fighting the chill; they're about unleashing your uniqueness in the coolest way.

Less is more, Quality is king

We're not just about fashion; we're about rocking it sustainably. Our mantra? Respect the planet with sustainable choices and honor individuality with unmatched quality. That means quality over quantity, made with love in Italy, and unisex clothing that are meant to fit everyone, but each one a masterpiece. Each piece in this collection is numbered, with only 100 available for each design.

Passed down, not out

Imagine a garment that's more than a piece of clothing—it's a legacy. It could be dad's, mom's, or even your kid's someday. IS IN CONCEPT apparel is designed to transcend time, so they're not just for today; they're for all your tomorrows.

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